BitTorrent RSS Module

Posted by Dave Winer, 11/26/04 at 11:16:44 AM.

A RSS module that adds an element at the <item> level that links to a BitTorrent version of the item's enclosure.


Do not deploy, comments requested.

Change Notes 

11/26/04 by DW -- Created.


One element is defined.

torrent -- if present as a sub-element of <item>, it provides the URL of a "torrent" file that can be used to download the item's enclosure via the BitTorrent protocol. It should only be present if the item also has an enclosure element.

Aggregators should use the BitTorrent element to download the enclosure if they can; it may be subject to a user preference (some users may not have the bandwidth to permit them to be a BitTorrent server).

Namespace declaration 



Here's a file that illustrates the use of the <bitTorrent:torrent> element.


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