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Posted by Dave Winer, 5/29/04 at 4:05:27 PM.

I bought the domain a long time ago at UserLand. Earlier this week we were moving it to a new server at scripting.com, and I thought -- let's create a public site here and see what happens.

I believe that RSS has grown to be much more than a format. New people are discovering RSS all the time, it's grown far beyond the tech community, and I feel we should have a resource that explains it, user-to-user, in simple and pragmatic terms.

We should have a place for developers of publishing and aggregation tools to communicate with users about their offerings.

A place for publishers to see how people who use their feeds. A place to discover new sources of information, new search engines, utilities, and to learn from other users.

I don't expect this site to make the earth shake, but it should help the community work better.

Best wishes,

Dave Winer


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