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A brief essay about advocacy of XML formats

Thankfully there hasn't been much format-bashing going on in the last year or so, but it looks like it might be starting again, so let's do something before it becomes a problem.

I suggest that the entire XML development community adopt the Canons of Conduct of the Linux Advocacy mini-HOWTO. Let's consider RSS to be part of Linux as far as advocacy is concerned. They got it right. You can't win by trashing the other guy. You can have a good format without the other guy being incompetent.

I've been reading a certain mail list, and observing that a certain person is now posting again, after a long hiatus that allowed us to find this relatively peaceful status.

Let's make it clear that we like the way things are now, and won't stand by and say nothing if the level of discourse starts slipping. Thanks for listening.

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