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Notes on my talk later this month at the Syndicate conference

I'm speaking at the Syndicate conference in New York on May 17. I plan to talk a little bit about formats that aren't RSS and what they're good for, since it seems everyone has mastered the technology of RSS at this time. I'll happily answer questions, of course.

But mostly I expect to talk about how to make money on the Internet, how everything is flipped around, and why the level-playing-field of RSS shouldn't be overlooked, or else it'll surprise you later. Sure it can deliver more click-throughs, but it also gives a podium to the sources of journalism, routing around the former ink-barrel purchasters.

The shifting and moving are still going on. We've reached a happy place, but don't expect the equilibrium to last very long.

Act now -- sponsor a pundit!

Anyway, since one of the hot topics is advertising and sponsorship, and since the conference isn't paying me a fee, or even covering my expenses, I thought I'd offer sponsorship opportunities to people or companies who would like to be talked about, briefly, from my speaking space. I can't guarantee what I'll say about you or your company, but I do promise to mention you, and will thank you for picking up my expenses for the New York trip.

I also do this to demonstrate that I am not utopian, that I can be a crass commercial whore with the best of them. However, because of who I am, I must be open about it. Which will prove even more lucrative for my sponsor because they'll be out in the open too. ;->

It's an experiment, yes I have the money, I could spend it myself, but unlike the other speakers at the conference, I don't have a company to advertise on stage, I'm just me, and I'd rather not pay for this trip out of my pocket. That part is not an experiment, it's for real. Send me an email if you're interested in sponsoring my speech at the conference.

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