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Shimon wants an MIT World podcast (who wouldn't?)

Shimon Rura, a regular at the Berkman-Thursday meetings, writes:

"MIT World is a site that holds free audio and video archives of talks at MIT.  Their video index shows the latest recordings for all areas - business gurus, Nobel prize winners, politicos - in reverse-chronological order, just like a blog. 

"They have an undocumented RSS 2.0 feed, but no podcasts!  I wrote them an email begging for podcasts, but perhaps you can work some of your magic too.  What could be better for a long boring drive than some MIT talks to keep your brain alive?"

To which I respond:

Here's how the magic works...

1. I take this text and post it on one of my blogs, hopefully in a place where people can comment.
2. I point to it from Scripting News. People feed off your enthusiasm and the word spreads.
3. We locate the right geek at MIT (there are so many) who then creates the RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures. (Note, they'll also have to produce MP3 audio from the video, that's not such a small thing.)
4. Podcast!
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