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An open letter to everyone in the world about everything that matters

A couple of years ago a major Internet debate erupted about RSS. Everyone got involved, people who made products that competed with mine, developers who didn't like me, even some people who I thought were my friends. They all said one thing over and over. RSS sucks. Dave sucks. Let's have a rebellion. Dave is an echo. Dave is an outage. He's an incredible control freak. Let's route around him! That'll teach him a lesson.

I don't know what I was thinking. I guess my ego got in the way. My bad. I should have listened. Why? Because they were right! I do suck. I am an incredible control freak. RSS is a terrible format. It can't possibly work. How could I have been so dense? Obviously Atom is the way to go. Anything would be better than RSS! Oh the time I've wasted. Look at all the work we have to do now.

How can I possibly make it up to you? I've been a very bad person.

Yours in shame,

Dave Winer

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