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What is Amazon's OpenSearch?

I just heard about OpenSearch, which is a new service whose slogan is:

"We want OpenSearch to do for search what RSS has done for content."

I think I've kind of figured it out. Basically it's a way for search engines to plug into a user interface, kind of like a portal, like My Yahoo, where each of the modules presents its results with an RSS feed.

But if that's right, what do we need A9 for? Why wouldn't you just plug the RSS straight into your aggregator? When they re-tooled My.Yahoo for RSS, didn't they obviate the need for something like this?

I must be missing something.

Enlighten me. ;->

PS: My guess is this is a project that made sense at one time, but the shipdate slipped, and others filled the gap (search engines offering their results as RSS is not new in Spring 2005).

PPS: Could someone who's at Etech ask them if they have filed any patents on this.

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