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Lisa Williams' RSS Story

Hi, Dave --

So I went to Best Buy today to look for a copy of Repo Man. I can't find it, so I approach two clerks -- a young white guy with red hair and a sparse beard, and a young black guy with cornrows, and tell them what I'm looking for. The guy with the cornrows says, "I know I've seen that movie. What's it about again?" So I tell him. "I don't think we have it in the store," the guy with the red hair says. "Let me look."

"That's an old movie," the young guy with the cornrows says. "Why you want to watch that now?" I tell him that I get these movie reviews delivered to my iPod, and I just listened to a review of Repo Man, and it made me really want to see it again.

"How do you get the movie reviews?" he says. I tell him I subscribe to them, and they get downloaded automatically.

And he says, "Do they have an RSS feed?"

Anyway, as I left, the kid with the cornrows was trying to explain RSS to his redheaded sidekick.


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