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Editorial about new syndication formats called RSS

Recently a couple of earnest and probably well-intentioned developers proposed another format called RSS that's incompatible with all others. This is a bad idea.

We should be going the other way, trying evolve incompatible formats into a unified format. This will help software work better, and will keep the market open to independent developers, who produce better software, and have the means to explore new ideas that the big companies can't. It will allow us to focus on new standards that make users' lives easier instead of wasting time arguing about additions that can only make the technology less reliable for users.

When I go to my doctor he frowns if I've added some weight. "It's just a pound or two," I say. "But you're going the wrong way," he says. Today we have too many RSSes. We need to lose some, if at all possible. No matter how well-intentioned the developers are, they're weighing down the community when it's best if we can lighten the load.

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